Reimagine possibilities with new beats

MUSIC by InnovatorsBox®

Why we make music?

Good music tells a story. It can inspire you, empower you, and enlighten you. And when it tells a story of courage that we can relate to, it reminds us how we can reimagine possibilities in our own lives. This is why InnovatorsBox® Studios makes music.

We believe music is a powerful way to make creativity learning accessible and tangible. If we focused only on traditional training and services as the only ways to learn, then we aren't diving deep enough to truly make creativity accessible for all.

Tune into our collections to reflect, ideate, find inspiration, and be encouraged to connect with your true creative selves. We believe creativity should be accessible, affordable, and relatable for all. Music is just one of the many ways we explore to ensure creativity learning is accessible and fun for all!


Our first collection, a Creativity Jam


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