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Dreaming Abundance

Music by InnovatorsBox Studios

Sleep Better with Deep Sleep

Train your mind to work for you instead of against you. Bring mindfulness to your life to change the way you view and create your reality.

In our first Dreaming Abundance with Alice Hu at Woo Woo Company, we created sound healing music to help you become more mindful and sleep better. From wanting better sleep at night to starting your day more with ease, this album will give you space to breathe, pause and recharge.

The original compilation is produced by InnovatorsBox Studios and Woo Woo Company. We hope this brings you more ease, abundance, and better sleep into your busy discoveries as innovators.

dreaming abundance

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Introducing Woo Woo Company & Alice Hu

Woo Woo Company specializes in being a guide for all things woo, spiritual and holistic health. Alice Hu uses sound healing and other modalities to help people find clarity in their purpose and career.

Before becoming a wellness expert, Alice was in consumer marketing and e-commerce working for brands like Marriott, P&G, and Mexico Tourism. Her corporate background enables her to understand the stress and challenges all innovators face every day. We’re excited to partner with Alice to make this album and showcase the power of mindfulness.

When you are able to holistically rest and recharge, you can show up fully as yourself and that’s the spark to discovering your creativity.