Music by InnovatorsBox®

Welcome to the land of possibilities!

A where you can express your thoughts, build your dreams, and imagine new realities with a diverse community of innovators. How would you feel if you were to walk into such a world right now? What would you see, feel and experience? Do you hear my heart racing and see my smile widening? This is a place to explore and cherish, which is why we are so excited to introduce you to this album.

“This is InnovatorsBox” celebrates the joy of the innovator’s journey, as we enter a world of possibilities. To ignite creativity and innovation, we need the catalysts of curiosity, courage, and an environment where creativity is welcomed. This EP is a collection of those elements that we hope will remind innovators they already have these core elements within them - Creativity, Courage, Curiosity, Resilience, and a Community.

We hope that as you explore this EP, you will see that the source of your dreams, and the force that makes them possible, lies within you. Each track represents a different facet of the InnovatorsBox universe - InnovatorsBox Studios, InnovatorsBox Academy, Creativity, Courage, and Curiosity.

This is InnovatorsBox

Innovators, be you. The world needs more colorful voices, and yours is one of them


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